I’m Michelle Jeanette, Wellness Educator, Research Specialist and Hope Dealer.


I’m on a mission to help more people Live Well & Prosper! My website exists to support your Health & Wealth goals by sharing valuable information and inspiration.

One of my greatest passions is learning all about our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the many health benefits of CBD (there are over a hundred known cannabinoids, CBD is one of them).

I’m sharing this wonderful information on the ECS, CBD (including the other cannabinoids too) and a wellness lifestyle here and at Michelle Jeanette Live Well.


I would love to have you join my T.E.A.M. of dedicated wellness and CBD researchers, advocates and educators at Team Live Well & Prosper.

Together, we’re on a mission to help families build HEALTH & WEALTH through our products and services.

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