Shalom! Shalom!

I’m Michelle Jeanette.


10 years of grieving my mom and being stressed has devastated my health.

I’m sure there’s also some childhood trauma and generational issues underlying as well.

All of these things can be healed, I believe and I’m dedicated to this mission.

I’m on a personal wellness journey and hope the information I share with you will be helpful and inspiring.

Wellness is holistic. In addition to giving my body what it needs to be strong and healthy, I’m also focusing on my spiritual (heart) health and renewing of my mind.

This is a lifestyle transformation! In this journey is where I find hope for restoration.


(I love this picture… it makes my heart smile!)

It reminds me of how beautiful and brave my mom was and how I can be beautiful and brave too.

I’m inviting you into the journal of my heart.

I’m sharing my journey of transformation from the inside out.

Right now my plan is to be Paradise focused. My primary desire is faith restoration. I believe I’m in that process right now as I’ve been experiencing a new and beautiful walk with my Elohim (YHVH the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) as They perform heart surgery on me.

My mind is being renewed and reprogrammed, believing in Elohim’s heart towards me instead of the lies of fear and self-doubt.

I want to take better care of my body. I’m creating new health habits to feed and move my body, detox, support and restore the temple for my Elohim that allows me to live well and serve to the fullest. This is one of my love offerings.

I need a place to transfer all this “stuff” that I’ve been stuffing for so long, so let me see what this whole “blog” thing is about and how it all goes.

Thanks for traveling with me. I enjoy the company.

Be happy and blessed.

Michelle Jeanette

the narrow path


Planting seeds of faith, hope & love