Love Made Me Do It


I love my Elohim!

The biggest most important part of my healing journey has been for my heart.

Faith restoration.

Love made me Teshuvah!

Love made a way for me to come out of the wilderness and into Elohim’s light.

I realize my healing will come from the inside and work it’s way outward through every layer and cell of my being, my spirit, my heart and my thoughts.

Love inspires me to be courageous!

I believe the Ruach gently encourages and leads me. She speaks to my spirit and assures me that being on this narrow path is the right path to wholeness and Paradise. My walk with Elohim is vital to my existence!

Love is forgiving myself for the past, for not taking better care of my body.

I want to give my Elohim a beautiful and healthy body-temple, worthy of their presence.

Love keeps me moving forward, one step, one day at a time.


I want to love like my Elohim.

After my mom passed away I was operating from a place of fear. Everything I did for my health was based on a fear of getting cancer or fears of experiencing another traumatic loss.

Fear is a liar!

I want my choices to come from a place of love.

Now, I choose to do healthy things for myself because I love good health and not because I’m hoping to prevent some dreadful dis-ease. I believe this has a profound effect on my physiology, either way. This is where I must diligently take all my thoughts captive!

Love is healing.

Love is a powerful force.

Love can move mountains.

Love can bring the dead to life!

Love is central in the Scriptures…

“you shall love יהוה your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your mind. This is the first and great command. And the second is like it, you shall love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commands hang all the Torah and the Prophets.” Mattithyahu (Matthew) 22:37-40

Elohim is pure love.

My life and journey is a part of Elohim’s love story. This is an exciting revelation!

Love for my Elohim and Elohim’s love for me is what matters most. Everything and everyone is in their hands. Their plans and timing are perfect. I don’t have to be afraid! I can trust my Elohim with my all!

When I was struggling, it was because I didn’t believe my Elohim loved me. Mom died. I felt heart broken and abandoned. It took me a while to admit that I was angry at God. I didn’t get my way. I had my tantrums and allowed fear and lies to consume me. I could not understand why and I didn’t trust Elohim’s providence.

I kept praying and praying for wisdom. After years of struggling something finally shifted inside me. The Ruach gave me eyes to see and a heart to receive the truth. It moved me so deeply that I repented immediately and rededicated my life and heart to Elohim. Talk about circumcision of the heart! That was major heart surgery but oh so beautifully healing and life changing!

That was my miracle!

Love made me! And with this life I want to love and glorify my Elohim with all my heart, all my being and all my mind.

In Love I have hope and a future… with my Elohim in Paradise!


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