Cannabis Freedom


Newsflash! If your CBD says it’s from “industrial hemp” then you probably aren’t getting any cannabidiol, terpenes, flavanoids or beneficial vitamins and minerals as claimed.

Industrial hemp is primarily grown to produce fiber for textiles and industry or hemp seeds for food. These harvests are so low in cannabinoids and terpenes it’s not likely they produce any high-quality cannabinoid-rich extract.

The strains used to produce CBD oil in the U.S. are from CBD-rich hemp or PCR hemp (phytocannabinoid rich hemp).

These strains are nothing like industrial hemp nor do they descend from industrial hemp and they’re not modified breeds of industrial hemp.

PCR strains are in fact strains of marijuana that have the THC bred out of them and produce abundant cannabinoids and terpenes.

PCR/CBD-rich Hemp is grown with much more care than any industrial hemp crop, from planting to harvesting and extraction.

The U.S. Farm Bill legalized hemp including any cannabis strains that produce THC levels below 0.3% which is non-psychoactive.

We want that trace amount of THC for the synergy benefits of the plant extract or entourage effect. You will not get “high” but if that concerns you, select a CBD isolate. Just know an isolate won’t have the extra benefits of the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids etc. that support the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

If you want a superior high quality PCR CBD pure plant product… Look no further. I can help you get THE BEST organic, pesticide-free, water compatible (bioavailable) whole flower extract available today. It’s made from specially selected hybrid strains known for their high CBD, CBDA and terpene content.

I noticed results quickly (less than 5 minutes for my needs).

I have no doubts you will LOVE my CBD. 💚🌿

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